Annabelle’s Aerodynamic Car

Moira Rowan 9:00, UK

Annabelle is an 11 year-old school girl who designed a wind powered car, called “Haracan Makina’ – Haracan after the God of Wind and Makina which means car in Albanian. She was a finalist for the Young Pioneers BT Tech for Good, and even though she didn’t win, she has a crowdfunding page to raise funds to build her car. She is interested in Science and Aerodynamics, and her protype car combines both her interests.

Moira Rowan is an award-winning filmmaker who has been involved with writing screenplays, directing and producing. Her documentaries cover topics of environment, aging positively, immigration and mental health. She works on a freelance basis and has an MSc in the medical field. Previous films she has worked on include Elsa and The Riel Dancers, Get Riel, Helen’s Birthday, If You Can Walk You Can Dance.