Cuba’s Life Task: Combatting Climate Change

Daniesky Acosta Linares 55:40 UK

In this documentary, Dr Helen Yaffe goes to Cuba to find out about ‘Tarea Vida’ (Life Task), a long-term state plan to protect the population, environment and the economy from climate change. The Cuban approach combines environmental science, natural solutions and community participation in strategies for adaptation and mitigation. There are lessons here for the world.

Daniesky Acosta was born in 1983 in a rural town in the east of Cuba. He moved to Havana in his teen years, and then to London in 2007, graduating with a first-class degree in Media and Design at the London Metropolitan University. In 2020, he set up DaniFilms produced his first documentary about Cuba’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. His second documentary, Cuba’s Life Task: Combatting Climate Change, allowed him to investigate the threat of climate change on his native island.