Quma & the Beasts

Javier Ignacio Luna Crook & Iván Stur 10:00 Argentina

12000 years ago in South America, a boy named Quma aspired to become a hunter. Experience the first steps in his spiritual awakening as a journey alone in the wild changed his perspective forever!

Javier Ignacio Luna Crook
I’m an animation Producer and Teacher. I have focused my career in the relation between nature conservation and animated content for children. I love to develop projects related to museums, archaeological and paleontological heritage, science and art education. Now exploring the world of pre-school series. Nature adventurer and sculptor in my free time.

Iván Stur
I am an Animation Director. I enjoy exploring different styles for each content, and playing with a variety of formats: musical, theatrical, artistic and videogames. I’m really into fun adventure stories driven by strong and sensitive characters, and passionate about mountains and folk music.