Terra Cene

Nono Ayuso & Rodrigo Inada 7:30 UK

Terra Cene is a remembrance of things past and an observation of the interconnected nature of time on Earth. A reimagining of the 1977 Golden Record challenges our perception of time while dissecting its motivations. Through a carefully crafted narrative that weaves through time past, time present, and time future, Terra Cene urgently questions, who and what will be left to remember? If the end is built into the beginning, it is our responsibility to protect the future. We are guests, here for only a moment. Terra Cene delivers a hauntingly hopeful message, reminding us of our duty to preserve the beauty of life on Earth.

Nono Ayuso and Rodrigo Inada is an award winning director duo. Their work has been recognised in Cannes YDA, UKMVA, Vimeo Staff Picks, British Media Awards, among others. Their style merges a strong narrative with a powerful visual imagery.