Women of the Wild

Molly Ferrill 23:00 US

With wildlife under increasing threat around the world, wildlife protection officers play a crucial role in safeguarding our world’s biodiversity. In the Women of the Wild series, we follow correspondent and National Geographic Explorer Molly Ferrill as she learns from knowledgeable female park rangers and park directors, accompanying them in their work protecting critical ecosystems around the world. This pilot episode highlights the work of National Park Director Maricarmen Garcia Rivas, who takes us on a fascinating journey through a day in her life protecting key marine species found in the National Reef Park of Puerto Morelos in Mexico.

Molly Ferrill is a photographer, musician, filmmaker, correspondent, and National Geographic Explorer dedicated to documenting the changing relationship between people and nature. Collaborating with forest rangers, conservation biologists, wildlife crime investigators, government officials, and local communities in the field, she strives to spread compassion and a greater appreciation of animals and the natural world through storytelling.